In the throws of applying for tenure, I also submitted a proposal to the Fulbright Commission to conduct "Research-Teaching" in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as part of my sabbatical. Sabbaticals take a lot of planning and allow professors to pursue avenues of scholarship that would be difficult given their normal duties. It's not a vacation. You have to work to get a sabbatical. And apply for it in a lengthy process that goes up the chain of PTB all the way to Provost.

Sabbatical, at my university anyhow, can be taken by any full-time, rostered faculty member after 7 years of service. Hence, "sabbatical", like "Sabbath", coming from the Hebrew, sabat, which means "rest"...as in the seventh day of the week...although sabbatical is actually taken after you've completed seven years of service...

Well, anyhow, last week I got an email congratulating on winning a Fulbright! I was so excited I couldn't stop shaking! I almost cancelled class to celebrate. The adrenaline rush stayed for several hours. I still can't believe it. But, beginning at the end of December 2015, we will be living in Jordan for several months. Fantastic!

If you don't know what a Fulbright is, discover it now. It's a pretty neat program.

Plus I get the "Fulbrighter" moniker. Quite prestigious!

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